DevCon is a premium event designed around an umbrella concept, delivering a series of one‑theme focused, stand‑alone conferences that put in the spotlight the hottest trends & technologies of the moment for the local IT community in Bucharest.
For 3 days, on 12‑13‑14th of November, we want to bring again back to you the most desired technologies discussed throughout the year with more technical talks and networking where you can meet top‑notch local and international speakers from all around the world and important companies and key leaders from the IT industry.
With the aim to deliver a high quality conference experience for the local IT&C community, DevCon will showcase important tools, key learnings & resources, or advanced tips & tricks about the most desired topics of the moment such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Information Security, and Java.

IT professionals with 5 years' experience in the field


Days of advanced talks & case studies


Dedicated conferences on AI & ML, QA & Testing, Security, and Java


Local and international speakers

The Agenda of the conferences represents a deep dive into the latest technologies & trends with 45 minutes in‑depth technical presentations designed for an audience of 450+ IT professionals with 5+ years' experience in the field.
Join DevCon and be part of the next big learning & networking environment for the tech professionals of this autumn!
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