Ira Winkler

Ira Winkler - President

Secure Mentem

Agenda Talks

10:30 - 11:15 13-11-2019

Stopping Cyber Boom

Stopping Cyber Boom

Whenever a user creates a loss, the security profession takes the position that it was an unaware user and the solution is more awareness training. This position is not just specious and too simplistic, it doesn't include the potential for malice and countless other issues. The reality is that the user is just part of a system. Adopting principles from safety science, counterterrorism, and accounting, this presentation shows how to holistically account for what results in 90% of all losses.


Ira Winkler is President of Secure Mentem, a company dedicated to the human aspects of security. Ira is one of the foremost experts in the human elements of cyber security and is known for the extensive espionage and social engineering simulations that he has conducted for Fortune 500 companies globally. He continues to perform these simulations, as well as assisting organizations in developing cost-effective security programs. He is a noted speaker, media contributor and author of several books, most notably "Spies Among Us," "Corporate Espionage and Zen," and the "Art of Information Security."
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