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Zoë Rose - Hands-on cyber security specialist & Ethical Hacker

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14:00 - 14:45 13-11-2019

One Phish Two Phish Red Phish Blue Phish

One Phish Two Phish Red Phish Blue Phish

Society is changing, consumers are learning the value of their personal data, and will actively avoid organisations that do not treat their information accordingly. Words alone, are simply not enough. So how, when things feel more like they fail by design, can you improve your ability to protect your critical data? We often say that effective cyber security cannot exist without strong human firewalls. The same holds true for cyber security teams. The most effective cyber security functions hold one thing in common, and it is not cutting-edge technology. Its high performing teams with a diverse set of talents.

In this talk Zoë Rose covers the importance of varied skills and expertise when it comes to effective cyber resilience, incident response and innovation. Along with the fabulous foundations of a strong security programme. 


Zoë Rose is a highly regarded hands-on cyber security specialist, who helps her clients better identify and manage their vulnerabilities and embed effective cyber resilience across their organisation. Whilst retaining deep technical expertise, Zoë has developed extensive experience in designing and executing cyber security awareness programmes to help people become more aware of cyber threats. Zoë is a Cisco Champion, Tech Field Day delegate, and certified Splunk Architect, who frequently speaks at conferences and is quoted in the media, and most recently featured in Vogue Magazine.

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