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Peter Nagy - Principal Product Manager


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14:50 - 15:25 14-11-2019

Yet another cloud native Java framework: Helidon

Yet another cloud native Java framework: Helidon

It's always a challenge to choose or even change a microservices framework which satisfies your requirements. Obviously it needs to have small footprint and fast startup time. However different developers have different requirements. Some of them prefer functional, reactive style of APIs with full control. Others don't want to live without IoC and prefer declarative style APIs like in JavaEE.

Come and learn about project Helidon which fulfils varying demands and can be your powerful tool to develop cloud native applications.


Peter Nagy is Principal Product Manager and located in Hungary. He started his career as Java developer and soon became lead developer/architect. Worked with most of the Java application servers and always sought the solution to accelerate software development implementing suitable methodologies and frameworks. Peter joined to Oracle in 2008 and before being a product manager he was sales consultant responsible for many products in the Fusion Middleware portfolio including WebLogic, Coherence, Service Bus, Goldengate, Functional/Load Test Automation and Java development tools. In 2013 he moved to the Java Application Development team where he still keeps his focus on WebLogic, Coherence and participate in the Helidon project.

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