José Pereda

José Pereda - Software Engineer

Gluon HQ

Agenda Talks

15:45 - 16:30 14-11-2019

(R)evolutions in Java on the client: desktop/mobile/embedded

(R)evolutions in Java on the client: desktop/mobile/embedded

Recent changes in the Java client landscape offer lots of opportunities. In this talk, we will discuss the evolutions in OpenJFX, how using Graal makes it easy to create self-contained client applications, and we will show how Java client apps using JavaFX can easily be deployed to iOS and Android devices.


José Pereda, PhD in Structural Engineering, works as a software engineer at Gluon Software. Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, JavaOne RockStar. Being on Java since 1999, he is a JavaFX advocate, developing Java applications for mobile and embedded platforms connected to the cloud and enterprise systems, while he also works on open source projects like OpenJFX, FXyz3D (, co-authoring JavaFX books (JavaFX 8 Introduction by Example, JavaFX 9 by Example), blogging (, tweeting (@JPeredaDnr) or speaking at JUGs and conferences (JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, Jfokus, JavaLand, JCrete, JBCNConf,…). José lives with his family in Valladolid, Spain

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