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Victor Rentea - Independent Trainer & Lead Architect


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11:50 - 12:35 14-11-2019

Hibernating in Spring: Unleash the Magic

Hibernating in Spring: Unleash the Magic

The most popular Java Frameworks out there: Hibernate and Spring. Both rely on magic to make things *seem* simple to novices, but both also hide dark tenets that only the initiate will discover. When these two sorcerers work together, their spells are incredibly powerful.

This live-coding session will reveal the truth behind the magic at their integration points, discussing transaction propagation, Spring Data Jpa repositories, audit support, proxies, plus a few more aspects useful for any engineer interested to know what’s under the hood. Grab a coffee and join an entertaining, dynamic session full of jokes, metaphors, stickers and other goodies :)


Victor Rentea is one of the two Java Champions in Romania, a top Independent Technical Trainer (1.5K trainees in 30+ companies in EU), and also Lead Architect at IBM, where he coaches and helps numerous projects. He is the founder of Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community (900+ members now) in which he runs monthly free remote webinars spoken in Romanian about clean code, refactoring, pair programming, and Unit Testing. 

Victor now regularly speaks at top conferences and meetups throughout Europe. His mission is to seed passion for writing clean, professional code, and to reestablish the lost Technical Practices of XP. Find out more about him on or following his daily posts on Twitter, LinkedIN or Facebook. 

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